Arnaud Pfeffer is an industrial designer and digital artist living and working in Paris.
In his work he combines the delicateness of hand drawings with machine precision and the endless possibilities of different brushes, inks and tools.

It is this confrontation of a perfect mechanical movement with the materiality left by the trace of the tool that particularly interests him. In this process the graphic accident and the unforeseen are all the more visible as the drawing is delegated to a movement of an inhuman precision.
To maintain this resonance, he designs his own graphic tools and diverts existing machines. From his training in design and engineering, he has developed an affinity for digital drawing, industrial processes and rapid prototyping tools (CNC, laser cutting) used in industrial creation. From this also stems his plastic approach starting from the lines present in everyday forms, which he interprets with 3D design software.

Inspired by the maker movement, his research goes through the detour, he creates links between craft and industrial process, with an experimental approach in which the process of creation and as interesting as the object created.

“I hijack existing machines like tattoo machines, tinker with mechanisms like rotary brushes, iterate within the same tool to explore the sensitive production that can be obtained robotically.”

His approach to color is done both through the tools he uses, brushes, felt pens and pens, to obtain different graphic games of tracing and superimposition of colors. He also adapts his inks to control their parameters such as saturation, viscosity or roughness.

Gabrielle Debeuret Associate Founder, Galerie Data.


Burberry, Rimowa, SHOWstudio, Bongénie Grieder, Paper Collective, Stage Two, Brigade


Food design: ENSCi les Ateliers, Design studio “Pastry 3D printing”
Initiation to robot drawing: HEAD of GenevaESAD OrléansCenter for Future Publishing

Press, Event & Exhibition

Fonts & faces #10 — This is not the hand
International typography symposium.

Tracing the LineVetro Editions
AR publication featuring 100 contemporary cutting-edge artists.

EAU - Paris
Collective exhibition realized by See Marais gallery from 15th March to 6th May.

Patterns - Lyon
Exhibition realized by Le cabinet de curiosités from 12th January to 31st May.

SHOWStudio - London
“The Illustrators carving the future of fashion illustration”

Process Magazine #31
Free quarterly magazine highlighting creation, available online and in art spots in Paris.

COLOR[FRAME], a vision of color in generative art - Paris
COLOR[FRAME] is the 3rd exhibition realized by the Galerie Data around generative art.
Dedicated to the theme of color, it is hosted by Plateforme Paris, from May 20th to June 5th 2022. from 20th May to 5th June 2022.

Live performance at Maison et Objet - Paris
For the launch of my collection in collaboration with Paper Collective, I had the opportunity to do a live drawing performance at Maison et Objet.

Voies Parallèles - Saint-Étienne, France
Exhibition organized by Galerie des Curiosités during the Design Biennial, from April 06 to July 31 2022.

A.R.E: Augmented Reality Exhibition - London, Berlin
A.R.E is a collection of portable generative art showcasing the work of 31 international artists. It is selected and curated by Generative Hut founder Pierre Paslier, and Luca Bendandi of Vetro Editions, who is also the publisher of the book.