Blue Wave Pattern

Blue Wave Pattern is an artwork combining mechanical and traditional drawing. It is produced using a drawing plotter and alcohol marker.

The drawing is the result of iterations between its physical and digital versions. The digital drawing, produced using 3D design software, is used to define the plotter's path at the time of the physical drawing.

The physical drawing is produced by a mechanical arm programmed to create the effects of colour and matter specific to traditional drawing and painting. Because of the materiality of the tools used, each piece is unique and each error, unexpected occurrence or discrepancy highlights the sensitive aspect that can be contained in mechanical shapes.

Product details:
- Dimension : 29,7 x 42 cm (11,7 x 16,5 inches)
- Year of realization: 2023
- Number of editions: Unique piece
- Realization technique: Drawing with Winsor&Newton Promarker on Xerox Premium Transparencies Universal Plain A4 100mic, realized with a plotter (Axidraw).

Each piece is signed and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.
Sold unframed.

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