Automated Suminagashi


Suminagashi machine for mechanical water marblings.

Automated Suminagashi is a series of drawings that explores the link between the traditional Japanese technique of Suminagashi and mechanical plotter drawing. The art of Suminagashi relies on alternating brushstrokes of ink and soap on the surface of water. Each fluid naturally repels the other, allowing the creation of shapes and patterns when they are superimposed. Once the pattern is on the water, the Suminagashi artist can manipulate the elements, such as breath, vibrations, or water movements, to complete the drawing. The artwork is then transferred onto paper, as in marbling.

This technique requires a mastery of gesture throughout the process, as the ink is constantly in motion on the water. Automated Suminagashi aims to replicate this technique with machines, such as drawing plotters or automatic brushes. These robots add mechanical precision to the gesture, making the materiality and unpredictability of drawing on water all the more powerful. By combining this traditional technique with technology, this project seeks to highlight the human dimension contained in a drawing created by a robot, and thereby explore the meeting of traditional and innovative processes.

Micro/Macro, Galerie Data - Paris
EAU, See Marais - Paris

Theses artworks are available for sale
(52x43cm, 20.47 x 16.93 inches)
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